Avoiding Cross Contamination

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to hit a bit on what it is like to be the only one in the family or among roommates with a food intolerance, and trying to get those around you to understand what it all entails, and what little things they do or don’t do that can help you or make you sick.

I have one person who I am around who says that they try to be careful, but this person really doesn’t careless that their actions are contributing to making me sick. I have tried to get this person to understand that they make me sick, and I have talked until I am blue in the face, and yet they only get mad at me when I ask them to wash their hands or to point out the potential cross contamination of they don’t.

This has contributed to me being a much pickier eater than I would like to be, and I have also become OCD about hand washing in the kitchen. I am sick and tired of being sick from cross contamination because of the lack of care being taken.

It also hurts me, to have those closest to me have a disregard to something I have no control over, and them not caring that they make me sick, and it is driving a wedge between me and this person. any thoughts? I am not this person’s mother, and it is driving me crazy having to baby sit a grown adult in the kitchen just so I don’t get sick.

Especially if you live with someone who has a food intolerance (and is general good knowledge if you are often around someone with food intolerances), wash your hands a lot while in the kitchen especially after handling something containing Gluten/Dairy/other allergen (and CHECK LABELS so you know when you need to wash and when you don’t). Be sure to double wash or run through the dishwasher utensils, serving wear, plates, cups, bowls etc that have come into contact with anything containing the food sensitivity item. While this is inconvenient for you, and means a few extra dishes or minutes washing dishes, it will save the person a lot of pain, discomfort and time spent in the bathroom as well as a couple days to a couple weeks+ to get it all out of their system which is more inconvenient than those few minutes for you.


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