Topic for Conversation

Having food intolerances is definitely a subject for conversation. In the course of the last few days it has come up in conversation a lot more than it normally does. Whenever I get the “is it hard to have to deal with?”, my general response is “the first year was the hardest, but it is just something I have to deal with and think about now, so I deal with it, and I am used to having to be different”. 

I have also been finding that I am more and more in similar company with others who also have food intolerances, if not the same ones I do. I was out today, and someone else is Gluten and Dairy free, so there was some food there that I could actually eat. 

Having food intolerances, while it is a normal part of my life now, it is not something I like to talk about much, especially with people I don’t know very well or at all. I talk about it more, if the subject comes up with people I know. It isn’t so much that i am ashamed of my food intolerances, it is more the fact that it is life and just one part of who I am. 

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